Looking at Electronic Music and Beyond

How much do you really know about electronic dance music? Well, I’m not an expert, nobody really is, but I know the electronic dance scene has literally taken over the world. All through the hot summer months, kids in every part of the world are jumping up in joy if not cutting shapes, while shuffling to the sounds of electronic beats and songs. Love for EDM is not just confined to the US but I tend to think it is even greater in UK and Europe. (Is UK still Europe, by the way). Anyway, what I mean to say is that electronic music has come to a point where you cannot afford to ignore it. Just give a cursory glance at iTunes top 10 singles and I bet more than one or two songs are electronic dance music.

What is EDM, where did it come from, and what lies beyond EDM?

It would seem silly to remind anyone below 40 that EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, your parents included. It would even be sillier to tell them who Avicci, David Guetta, and Skrillex are or even what a bunch of sick DJs the Swedish House Mafia are. Anyone who claims not to get what the fuss about electronic music is all about has not partied to the sounds of world famous DJs. It’s a whole new world worth exploring with a glowing stick in one hand. Go to South of France and you just might run into a 65-year old couple dancing the night away at an EDM party.

Contrary to popular opinion, EDM is not a thing for 20 year old American girls. If anyone tells you that you are getting too old for electronic music, remind them that David Guetta, yes the EDM icon, is actually 44 or something and Tiesto was 43 the last time we checked. Age has not done a single thing to their street credibility. Love for EDM cuts across all ages and genders. It is a worldwide culture that is not dying any time soon. Almost everyone I know has an EDM song in their playlists, adults included.

Electronic dance music is quite vibrant and ever evolving as new artists pop up almost every month with fresh new content and styles. The style has come a long way since the 90s when raves were dominated by blasting techno beats and a show of colors. Those must have indeed been great times, although I must admit that we’ve progressed into better things with techno, tech-house, trance, dubstep, house, indie dance, breaks, and many more genres and subgenres. It is all about a certain diversity that seeks to please every fan’s personal taste in electronic music. There is something for everyone.

Love for electronic music has even been scientifically proven to be a somewhat nice obsession. There’s a study that showed how dance music makes the brain release endorphins, which is just like saying the music makes you want to come back for more. Well, if it gives me my daily fix then it’s all fine and good with me. If looking for new artists and albums gives me the thrill, I can live with that.

However, what lies beyond EDM? Will there be anything better than electronic dance music? Well, as an avid fan of electronic music, I’d hate to admit that there’s an entire universe of music waiting to be discovered out there. You’ll not live on a diet of David Guetta all your life. If you dared to look beyond you’ll discover that Guetta too used to play alongside other DJs at some underground club way back in time. Just like him, there are many DJs currently unknown doing what they know best in smaller clubs and concerts. There are even future great producers currently struggling to build a career at some local bar or club. Some may have released an album, but we still haven’t heard of them, yet. Just like EDM has evolved over the years, expect a new style to rise from the ashes and take the world by storm. There is a lot of music waiting to be discovered. That is the nature of life. Meanwhile, get your best rave gear on, not forgetting your favorite LED light up shoes, and enjoy electronic beats while they last.