How Google application can help to increase website traffic

Google Apps are the tools and traffic packages provided by Google to the site owners who want to increase website traffic to their site. It offers you resources and helps you work smarter. Some of the famous Google applications include Gmail, calendar, and Google doc and Google talk. Some of the Google applications are designed for webmasters, so they can improve the quality of their websites and web traffic. Google offer different tools that help you increase Website Traffic.

“Are these applications free??”

Everyone thinks that services for getting web traffic are being charged but in this case, you need to think again. You will be amazed to know that Google offer these applications free of cost. It means it is freely available on Google. Some of the apps include Google analytics and Google web master tools that help in getting traffic to your website.

Google apps include word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. It also includes email, instant messaging with which you can stay connected from wherever you are. Google provide secure and authentic system where you can use these tools. These tools help in internet marketing.

Google analytics

Many people don’t know much about this type of tool.  Google analytics helps you find out which keyword is attracting more traffic and what are the pages and the content that make money for you. It helps you check which content and designs are converting your visitors into sales. Some of the benefits of using Google analytics include increase in leads, improves landing pages, increase site traffic and thus converting these into sales, etc.

Google business search

This tool helps you attract people who are interested in your area. It helps in getting relevant traffic related to your field. This is known as geo targeting. With this tool, you can make higher search engine results and it helps in traffic generation immediately.

Web master tools

This is a type of tool which most of the web developers keep it as secret and never share this with the customers. Google Webmaster Tools is a one-stop shop webmaster resource that helps you for solving indexing problems give you the offers, which can improve and increase web traffic to your website and connect to your visitors. It helps to you to see the performance of your website over Google search results, solve potential problems and to build a Google-friendly site.

Google AdWords

This is a tool that helps you in displaying your Ad on Google and helps you in advertising your brand or product over the internet. This tool is also used for keyword research. Keyword research is the first step in Internet marketing to optimize your site for SEO Search Engine Optimization.

These are some of the other tools that are helpful in getting visitors on sites. Some other tools include:

3D warehouse: it finds 3D models for you and shares your model with the world.

Alerts: it provides you email updates on the topics of your choice.