Consignment Info

Consignment Information

SCP Auctions and Sotheby’s have two distinct and effective ways to help you bring your items to auction. Our live sale and internet/telephone formats combine to create a powerful venue to maximize the results on your items. Whether your item is $500 or $50,000 plus, we have a format to fit your needs.

Live Auction in conjunction with Sotheby’s –

  • Held two times a year live in New York City at Sotheby’s beautiful offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan located at 1334 York Ave.
  • Each lot is brought to the auction block and sold live in the room. Bids are placed through telephone, eBay Live, fax and live participation in the room.
  • Combination of SCP Auctions clients and Sotheby’s clients offers an incredible reach into the collecting world. We reach clients others simply can’t.
  • Beautiful, full color catalog with detailed photographs and descriptions of each lot in the sale. We’re not afraid to give your item the space it deserves. If it takes three full pages to properly describe and display your item, that’s what it gets!
  • Unrivaled five-day public exhibition of each auction lot held at Sotheby’s offices in New York City. We staff these exhibitions to make sure potential clients have the answers they need before auction day.
  • Sale is fully supported by an intensive media advertising campaign garnering hundreds of appearances in print, on television and on the web, including USA Today, the New York Times, AP, Reuters, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX and regional outlets.
  • Limited lot count ensures that your item receives maximum exposure to our clients. We limit our lot count to 300 – 350 items for these live sales. This enables us to achieve maximum exposure on your items ensuring maximum results!

Internet / Telephone Auction –

  • Held two times a year our telephone / internet auction format gives us incredible flexibility with the number and value of items we can accept.
  • Bidding takes place over the course of 20 days with our state of the art real time auction program. Bids can be placed through our website over the telephone or by fax.
  • Beautiful, full color catalog with detailed photographs and descriptions of each lot in the sale.



If you would like more information regarding SCP Auctions Auction consignments, feel free to email Clay Hill or
Allen Miller or call Clay or Allen at 800-350-2273.